ProAutomation Tools

We’ve created an industry-disrupting catalyst for engineering project efficiency, accuracy and savings.

After working with hundreds of engineers on countless automation projects, we tasked ourselves with creating a web-based tool that eliminates the common frustrations and inefficiencies associated with traditional manual data management.

Lift tagnames and create an instrument tag list, automatically

Upload and analyze .dwg files rapidly, ensuring automated tagname and alarm data extraction, organization and synchronization, without monotonous, error-prone, data entry.

Active error discovery and prevention

Our proactive and reactive data management automatically aligns everyone engaged in the project and visually identifies inconsistencies, duplicates and errors.

Real-time updates and synchronization of all project documents

Ensure everyone involved remains aware of scope or design changes and their universal impacts, as they happen, regardless of where they are made, or by whom.

Comprehensive analysis of tag duplication, missing tags and revision history

We cover the time-consuming due diligence from start to finish, allowing you to engineer by exception.

Instrumentation Index

Leverage your initial investment for future projects with a detailed, digital index.


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