Save time, increase confidence in your HAZOP and eliminate mundane, error-prone manual work.

What are the chances that you could have a catastrophic failure on one of your assets?

If that number is anything more than zero per cent, what’s the reason?

Is it your PLC? Did someone force or disable something?

What if you could go through the HAZOP and know with absolute certainty that the shutdown key the committee agrees to is the same as the shutdown that the PLC 5 or SLC program represents?

What if you could also conduct a PLC 5 to Control Logix migration, eliminating the miscellaneous junk  imbedded into it, without the need to manually review every… single… line?

With ProAutomation Tools (PAT), you can.

PAT offers an automated comparison tool that not only supports your HAZOP, it can also be used to identify every time someone cracks the PLC code, adds a rung of logic or adds a device — notifying everyone affected with a quick and easy-to-access email.

PAT’s automated shutdown key generation with comparison option does exactly that.  

If you can provide the existing key and existing PLC program, PAT will create a comprehensive index, in the format that matches your format, with the i/o in the same order and with the same descriptors (assuming you have descriptors) for your document trail.


PAT does a lot more.

PAT can provide the full cause and effect matrix; breaking the program down to its individual components: timers, math calcs, logic forward and back.

The golden opportunity here is the chance to identify the shorts, duplicate rungs and circular references; allowing the programmer to check their work after they’ve completed their modifications.

A subscription to ProAutomation Tools allows you to check your program against the Shutdown Key as often as Safety requires; instead of simply assuming that the tech has delivered what the Shutdown Key dictates. When you consider that some programs include thousands of permutations that need to get reverse engineered when a Shutdown Key is generated, our solution greatly increases safety and reliability, as well as providing you with an accurate audit trail.

PAT’s ROI model is instantaneous:

  1. Save Time: Generate the Shutdown Key and comparison faster than any human ever will, reducing your schedule from days (or weeks), to mere minutes.
  1. Eliminate mundane, error-prone manual tasks: This is not good work for humans; it’s tough to stay focused through 1000, 8000, 30,000 permutations of logic tracing all of the coils through and contacts through with all of the calculations, moves, timers, signal conditioning and PID blocks. PAT does that for you.
  1. There’s no risk: Try before you buy. Send us your program and key( in Excel) to sales@ We will give you a quote and setup a Webex for you to see the output.

What if there are no descriptors in the PLC program and no existing key?

We will still line the I/O up for you, providing a starting point for when you run around the facility and start tracing all of the wires to figure out what devices they are connected to….

…or you can call us to find out about our wiring module in ProAutomation Tools, and reduce the pain of this exercise significantly.

For more information, answers or a quote to get started, visit