S2000nano – Servelec Technologies

  Servelec Technologies – S2000nano

The S2000nano is a WITS and Native DNP3 based Intelligent low power RTU / logger. It has evolved from the proven and highly successful S250/255/500/2000 range and has been engineered to deliver accurate monitoring and control for demanding applications where reliability is the key consideration.

The unit benefits from a flexible input/output range, it is fully programmable and includes a embedded web-server, multiple wireless communication options and user application support via IsaGraf IEC1131-3 programming tool.

The S2000nano offers you powerful new processing technology perfectly suited to a wide range of applications at a highly competitive price.


Key Features

  • Fully Native DNP3 & WITS Compliant
  • Integral Web-Server
  • Fully Compliant with SCOPE-X Configuration Tools
  • Cost Effective
  • Report / Fault Log Facility
  • 4DI, 2AI, 1DO
  • Battery or external DC Powered 6V-30Vdc

Highly configurable outstation alarms

  • Flexible limit configuration with optional hysteresis/persistence.
  • Choice of actions for each point state (log, event, alarm).
  • Fixed limit values or daily/weekly li

I/O Features

  • Configurable analogue scaling.
  • Statistics generated from point data (min/max/min/integral).
  • Standard rate-of-change/no-change detection, state counter and run time calculations.
  • Point overrides.
  • Dynamically configurable period/event logging.


  • Standard method of configuring commonly used features.
  • Reduces possibility of configuration problems – most errors trapped at point of entry.
  • Consistent configuration – outstations will not accept configuration if any part is rejected.


  • Authentication of critical commands from master station.


WITS – Key Business Benefits

  • Single protocol to support multiple vendors – reduced support/training costs.
  • Secure authentication between outstations and master station, complies with CPNI guidelines.
  • Common outstation configuration and application programme.
  • Flexibility – master or outstation managed
  • configuration options.

Which problems does WITS solve?

  • Reduces configuration errors due to machine readable outstation capability files – only allows configuration of features and parameters that are actually supported by the outstation.
  • Version control of outstation configuration and application programs