Ovarro – TBox MS

Technical Data Sheet

The result of 25 years of experience in the telemetry industry, TBox MS gives you everything needed to create high-performance yet economical SCADA and control applications.

TBox MS combines IP capabilities with an unmatched software package to transform your measurement and control ideas into powerful solutions. Now, you can receive alarms and control your site remotely using a cell phone. Automatic alarm escalation allows your key maintenance personnel to receive any unacknowledged alarms. In addition, our innovative push technology allows you to receive alarms as they happen without ever having to poll a device. This capability keeps network traffic to a minimum while reducing infrastructure and network overhead costs associated with traditional RTU networks.

  • High-Performance Processing.
  • Open Programming Environment. Multiplatform vector-based Webserver 2.0 (HTML5, AJAX, SVG, JavaScript).
  • Powerful PLC features.
  • Alarm management.
  • Smart Data Logging™.
  • Security suite with authentication, encryption, firewall, HTTPS, VPN, SSL, SFTP, FTPS and SSH.
  • Its features include E-mail, SMS, FTP, SNMP, Network Time Protocol (NTP) and IP forwarding.
  • Modbus (Master and Slave), DNP3 (Master and Slave), DF1, IEC60870-5 (Master and Slave) Protocols, and many more.
  • 2 Ethernet ports, 3 USB 2.0 (CPU32-S2), RS232, and RS485 ports.
  • Micro SD card for local archives, program backup, and remote start-up.
  • Large choice of Input/Output cards.
  • Flexible communication options.
  • Various power supplies.
  • Application software development kit (ADK).

Product Details

Powerful Automation

Control applications are readily programmed using BASIC or IEC 61131-3 Ladder Diagram. For large RTU deployment, advanced programmers will benefit from the compatibility of our programming environments with Microsoft Automation in order to configure applications using common tools such as Microsoft Excel or Visual Basic.

Alarm Management

Alarm notification includes multimedia messaging, recipient groups, escalation, and shift management. Users can acknowledge alarms and initiate logic operations from their smart phones, tablets, or any wireless devices.

Smart Data Logging

Special routines are available to only log the necessary events with their appropriate time stamps. Reports in CSV, text, or XML formats are quickly configured using Servelec’s Report Studio and are readily available via e-mail attached files and FTP.

Push Communications

Without waiting for a poll, TBox MS initiates messages via e-mail, FTP, and SMS text to immediately notify users of alarms and live conditions at remote assets and processes.

Product Specifications

Reporting/Communications Options

The built-in GSM option provides rich SMS reporting and remote control directly via a mobile phone.Standard serial and Ethernet ports are also available for connection to a broad variety of SCADA networks and intelligent devices.

  • MS-PSTN – PSTN modem + extra RS-232/485 port.
  • MS-GSM-3G-EU – GSM 3G + RS-232/485 EU version.
  • MS-GSM-3G-US – GSM 3G + RS-232/485 US version.
  • MS-SERIAL 2 RS-232/485 serial ports.
  • MS-ETHER-4 4 10/100 Ethernet ports.

Power supplies

Power supplies provide intelligent filtering and conditioning, plus battery charging capabilities.

  • MS-PS-AC230W — 85 to 265 VAC/90 to 375 VDC.
  • MS-PS-DCN — +8 to +30 VDC/-60 to -24VDC.
  • MS-CHARGER — 2 AH charger module for 12 V lead acid cell batteries.

Input/output cards

Provide an interface to other systems/devices and support standard industrial signals.

  • MS-16DI – 16 digital inputs.
  • MS-16DO – 16 digital outputs.
  • MS-16DIO – 16 digital inputs/outputs.
  • MS-48DI – 48 digital inputs.
  • MS-10DI-HS – 10 digital/50 KHz HS counter inputs.
  • MS-COMBO – 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 3 analog inputs.
  • MS-8AIVC – 8 analog inputs (4..20mA or -10..+10V).
  • MS-6RTD – 6 temperature inputs.
  • MS-4AOVC – 4 isolated analog outputs.
  • MS-Relay – 8 isolated relay outputs.
  • MS-4AI420 – 4 isolated analog inputs (4..20mA).
  • MS-8AI420 – 8 isolated analog inputs (4..20mA).


  • CE: European Safety and EMC certification
  • UL/CSA: USA and Canada Safety certification
  • FCC: USA and Canada EMC certification
  • C-Tick: Australia EMC certification