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TConnect Product Brochure

Designed and developed by Servelec Technologies, TConnect is cloud-based software that provides a simple and secure remote connection between your TBox Remote Telemetry Unit and your web browser. You can use TConnect from any modern web browser on a PC, MAC, Linux or mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone. TConnect features multi user management as a standard feature and has an RTU groups assignment feature to further ease user administration.

Users can configure any outstation that you are connected to quickly and easily thanks to TConnect and of course users can monitor the current status of any Remote Telemetry Unit in their network at a glance via an interactive dashboard.


This is provided between TConnect and your Remote Telemetry Unit with Open VPN which includes authentication and encryption based on SSL / TLS standards. At the same time communication between TConnect and the browser being used is via “https” and all access rights are password protected.

Key Features

  • Provides a simple and secure solution to remotely access, configure, monitor and control your RTUs
  • Allows you to access RTUs connected to a GSM / Cellular network
  • Removes the need for non-technical users to manage a network or a VPN access
  • Simplifies the management of your RTU network
  • Saves you time installing new RTUs or configuring OpenVPN access
  • Saves you money by eradicating the need for a paid dynamic DNS Service
  • Access outstations located in private networks from anywhere.

TConnect Product Brochure