Unites the power of advanced technologies to reinvent the natural gas flow computer. Housed in a rugged, compact package — with integrated 3G, Web server, immediate notification technology, and mobile device connectivity.

Product Benefits

Meter Compatibility

TFlo software supports up to four runs using any combination of meters that are common in well site and pipeline installations, such as:

  • Orifice
  • Turbine, rotary, or positive displacement (PD)
  • V-cone
  • Wafer cone.


TFlo software’s natural gas environment includes:

  • AGA3 — 2012
  • AGA5 — 2009
  • AGA7 — 2006, including section 7 mass-to-volume
  • AGA8 — 1994 detail and gross methods
  • AGA9 — AGA7 calculation applied to ultrasonic metering
  • V-cone and wafer cone.

Product Specifications


  • Alarm and event log with 1000 message capacity
  • Meter report
  • Hourly historical data log
  • Daily historical data logs.

Supported MVT’s

  • Invensys Foxboro IMV25
  • Emerson Rosemount 3095FB
  • Schneider Electric SCADAPack 4000 series
  • Generic” type transmitter allows most any Modbus device to be specified
  • NewGate
  • Quality gas measurement – Sevelec TFlo™ system.