VTScada and TBox: A Recipe for Better Cannabis

The industrial technology revolution is here, and it has the ability to propel existing and emerging industries beyond the status quo into a world of automation and quality control that was previously unattainable.

Within the emerging, highly-competitive and lucrative cannabis industry, only those who can differentiate themselves advantageously survive, and uncommon allies are finding ideal opportunities to partner.

CanMax found its ideal partnership with BettsM, a provider of engineered solutions like Tbox and VTScada, that allow CanMax to build fully automated, stackable, aeroponic growing , called VESNA, capable of providing the most sterile and controlled environment currently available on the market.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Automated nutrient center
  • Enclosed growing chambers
  • Independent HVAC system
  • Height-adjustable lighting


While CanMax has turned to TBox to manage the automation surrounding the daily distribution of light, temperature, humidity, nutrients, and CO2, VTScada monitors and gathers the detailed information that defines their process and ensure the ‘recipe’ is  followed in detail.

VTScada does this by offering the following:

Real-Time Monitoring – all aspects of the plant’s growth is controlled and monitored, providing data that can be reviewed and adjusted until the ideal combination is understood and programmed in as a recipe achieving repeatable results.

Alarming – Once the recipe for the plant is programmed in, any deviance or issue will be identified via an alarm that can be sent to any phone, tablet or computer of your choosing, allowing you to react remotely from  anywhere.

Automation – Instead of hiring multiple growers to perform daily, error-prone and inconsistent tasks, each one affecting the final product if even by just a small fraction, VTScada allows growers to set their rules, timing and levels for the grow cycle.

Consistency – By eliminating human influence and error, VTScada can provide a consistent recipe that can be executed time and time again,  producing cannabis  which consumers will come to recognize and trust.  As the  recipe is perfected for each strain,  yield is maximized  and quality is consistent and repeatable.

Historize – In an effort to optimize every recipe, VTScada stores historic data that can be reviewed and understood in a way that allows for operational changes by exception; when you control all the variables, you can tweak as required and understand the impact of every adjustment.

CanMax Blurb

CanMax employs a highly experienced team of automation, mechanical and electrical engineers along with HVAC specialists and manufacturing expertise. Together, we have developed a fully automated, stackable, aeroponic growing solution that offers the most sterile environment, free of contaminants such as mildew and mold.

Our fully-automated, stackable, turnkey solution can be scaled to fit your building, regardless of footprint. Our services include installation, commissioning and start-up of the system, as well as training and life cycle support.  

BettsM Blurb

BettsM Controls offers technically relevant, industry-disrupting solutions designed to replace existing unoptimized, complacent and ill-fitting products businesses have been forced to accept for far too long.

Our products come with the promise to help your business truly differentiate itself in the areas of accuracy, efficiency and savings thanks to our unmatched commitment to innovation, training and first-line support.

As a value added reseller and exclusive or premier distributor in Western Canada for: ProAutomation Tools, VTScada, SafeTBox, Xetawave, Newgate and more, we look forward to the opportunity to educate you on what makes our products, and our promise, something worth considering.