VTScada, the HoloLense and the Future of Augmented Reality

I used to be an avid player of Falcon 3.0, a fighter pilot video game, and have often imagine having the same integrated heads-up augmented reality as a fighter pilot and how that would help people like me do a better job at work.

The HoloLens and products like it are the future of augmented reality, offering high-performance graphics that allow a user to see tank levels and a number of other parameters in a single view.

High-performance graphics offer data aggregation in a very simple form. However, this graphic, without a vessel to represent, lacks context. The HoloLens allows us to geo-spatially tag vessels in augmented reality.

The HoloLens is not fully implemented yet but this style of augmented reality will be the wave of the future and when we combine it with operational or summary data, it provides us with powerful tools that truly allow us to operate by exception; only seeing the data that is important to us at a specific time and place.