CWC C50 Clarifier

The Clear Water Clarification Technology is a completely enclosed system that cleans contaminated water and eliminates sewage odors. By using submersible pumps and grinders, the C50 Clarifier also eliminates most operation noise.

•50,000 gal/day throughput
•US and Canadian patent granted
•The National Research Council of Canada has conducted a third party verification of performance
•NRC Report available
•Very mobile
•For temporary on-site treatment for immediate deployment

Conventional clarification units cannot eliminate sewage odors. In most cases they do little to minimize odors. Elimination of odor and reduction of noise allows the Clear Water Clarification Technology to be located within urban, populated areas.

Together with simple filtration and disinfection, our technology can reduce phosphorous, suspended solids, bacteria and non-soluble Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) to safe levels prior to entry into a lagoon or other form of discharge. Removal of heavy metals may be targeted.

Disinfection may include, but is not limited to, ultraviolet light, ozone and contact chlorination depending on client requirements and the nature of the waste to be treated.