Ovarro – TBox

Each TBox RTU is an all-in-one package that brings an integral web server, push communication and reporting via email and SMS text messaging to monitoring and control applications. Semaphore’s innovative technology enables real-time access, anywhere, with a mobile phone, PC or PDA to create a highly cost-effective solution.

TBox combines alarm notification, data logging, integral web server, IP telemetry, and programmable automation in a single, rugged package. TBox uniquely supports a broad range of core functionality.

•Using push messaging via e-mail, FTP, and SMS text, TBox will immediately notify users of alarms and live conditions in a reliable manner that minimizes communications networking costs.

•For compatibility with existing systems, TBox also supports “pull” messaging using SCADA protocols such as Modbus.

•An integral web server allows TBox to manage Internet and intranet communications without a front end device and provides a very inexpensive HMI for operations and maintenance.

•Programmable Automation using IEC 61131-3 Ladder Diagram, Basic, and Microsoft Windows Automation environments expedite configuration of automation tasks and custom calculations for virtually any remote asset or process.

•Alarm management and data logging provide live information and historical data to multiple recipients.

•Multi-communications via a choice of integral, communication options provide broad compatibility and mean that all remote sites are accessible. TBox communications capabilities allow use in IP forwarding and intelligent sensor gateway applications.


Match the needs of any application with our modular remote control and automation solution. The market-leading TBox MS provides real-time remote access and control of your critical assets.Protects assets and data while reducing costsSaves engineering timeProvides real-time mobile access to your dataReduces maintenance costsReduces asset downtime through speedier responseEnables M2M cellular connections

TBox LT2

Outstanding functionality from a single, compact rugged unit. The powerful, self-contained TBox LT2 integrates advanced automation functions and data logging with wireless communications.All-in-one unit minimises installation costsSaves engineering time Provides real-time mobile access to your dataReduces maintenance costsReduces asset downtimeEnables M2M cellular connections

TBox TG2

The TBox TG2 boasts the full functionality of the TBox LT2 with the added capacity to utilise existing site I/O. The RTU enables real-time mobile access to fixed or remote assets and processes.Collects and aggregates dataFacilitates device independent web pages using dynamic visualisationsSaves engineering time without the need for complex programmingReduces asset downtime through speedier responseReduces maintenance costs

TBox RM2

Save on engineering time and improve efficiency with the TBox RM2, a compact, remote I/O expansion module for use with the TBox LT2. RM2 modules connect a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical devices to computers over standard Ethernet networksCost effective network expansionSimple connectivityRobust, rugged constructionCertified for use in Class 1, Div 2 areasSave engineering time without complex programming