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Quantum EFM: Correcting What Went Wrong

Have you ever had a really bad day in measurement? One that got the attention of the VP’s and maybe even the president and the government regulators? Or maybe you just are going to send the letter in that say’s “non compliant “ again. Quantum EFM is a major step to accurate and auditable measurement. Incorrect or missing data can be very expensive and very emotional. Having accurate flow data prior to inserting it into the production accounting system is essential. Correcting it in the accounting system is very time consuming and very tough to audit. Quantum EFM is an intuitive data validation software product that is able to flag suspect, uncorrected data and provides a user friendly interface for correcting it. Errors in data are inevitable: Quantum EFM makes it quick and simple to identify what went wrong and get those issues to the people who can fix it.

The One Source of Truth

Quantum EFM is the one source of truth between the field and production accounting. It provides a single place where the corrected data and raw data reside with a detailed, digitally signed, audit trail of alarms and event history and manual changes. Manually validating data after it is input into the production accounting system is very labour intensive and the audit trail is not clear, concise and easy to extract, potentially resulting in costly legal discussions, regulatory compliance issues and inaccurate accounting.   Quantum EFM not only flags erroneous and missing data but it also provides a simple mechanism for correcting the data. It creates reports that can include the corrected and uncorrected data for a complete view or picture of the field, meter run or many other queries.   Quantum EFM’s reports and audit trail will be there to handle your Directive 17 compliance and provide the auditors with a single place to find all of the information.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Interface

Errors in data are automatically noted and classified either as Concerns, Conflicts or Missing, in a simple, single-dashboard system. This classification system allows operators to immediately narrow down their problem in their field, which means that they can correct what went wrong faster, at a lower expense. Time consuming and ineffective line by line reviews of endless rows of production data are replaced with a clear focus on the real issues, the needles in the haystack, you were unable to see before that have been costing REAL money. Do you know when your gas analysis was last updated? Have any of your devices ever reset and changed their analysis and calculation methods back to defaults? Contractor forgot to update analysis after repairing or reprogramming a flow computer? Frozen transmitter missed for weeks on end? How long did it take before those issues were identified? Quantum EFM can help you catch these problems and more, before they become your latest migraine.

Concerns: items for which rules have been defined such as “frozen” meter values or other abnormal behaviors for the process that usually are not normally found by looking at the instantaneous values.

Conflicts: duplicate records, mismatching gas analysis between host and remote device, mismatching configuration between host and remote device such as AGA calculation type.

Missing Data: a hole in the database. If it is not backfilled from the RTU when it comes back online then it will need to be manually filled. This fill-in can occur in seconds with Quantum EFM reducing or eliminating the cumbersome time spent doing production accounting edits.