XetaWave Radios

XetaWave – Custom RF Solutions

Xetawave is one of the most innovative radio companies in the world. Their software defined, hardend, single platform solution has been designed with a “One Brand Fits All Mentality”. The product focus is on producing radios for private industrial deployment which includes fixed wireless and mobile solutions(autonomous trucks, drones etc) across multiple industries including oil and gas, water and wastewater, electric power, industrial controls and the military.

XetaWave offers a new, patent pending, proven technology platform featuring a software defined radio (SDR) that can be configured as follows:
•Multi-speed: 9.6 kbps – 8.8 Mbps
•Global frequency range
•Licensed & Unlicensed
•Board level, module, enclosed
•Two radios in one small enclosure:
-Dual band
-Simultaneous Serial & Ethernet
-Dual Ethernet
-Back-to-back repeaters
-Full duplex
•10mW to 10W power output
•UL Class 1 Div 2 & c-UL approved; ETSI certified
•AES-256 encryption available; FIPS 140-2 validation in progress
•Most stringent production testing in the industry (-55°C)

Affordable Migration Path for Legacy Networks
The patent pending Xeta9-INS enables XetaWave radios to coexist with other non-XetaWave radios in a single, integrated network. This capability enables customers to leverage their existing investment in legacy networks while taking advantage of the increased performance and capability of XetaWave’s new generation software defined radios. For oil and gas applications, customers can improve SCADA polling times and bandwidth, provide Ethernet to the wellhead, increase bandwidth to support video survelliance, enable distributed intelligence, support pipeline protocol, gain increased flexibility and reliability with MAS & ISM-FHSS, DTS.

Network Integration & Migration: Serial to Ethernet/IP
XetaWave radios enable the seamless integration of legacy serial-based communication systems and the latest Ethernet and TCP/IP technologies into a single network providing you the flexibility to plan migrations according to your budgets and timetables.

Well Pad Communications view Digital Oilfield
XetaWave’s unified networking technology allows serial and Ethernet slave radios to be deployed together on a remote well pad and share a single Ethernet/IP backhaul to a distant master radio. All XetaWave serial radios on the pad site are configurable via a webpage hosted by a nearby Ethernet radio.

MultiSpeed MultiPoint™
The higher data-rates and MultiSpeed MultiPoint™ capabilities of XetaWave radios enable high-bandwidth video and low-bandwidth SCADA messages to coexist on a single wireless network creating the opportunity to add video monitoring systems to your critical remote sites.

Global Compliance
Programmable channel-sizes, frequency ranges, and power levels provide the flexibility necessary to comply with a wide-range of regulatory limits allowing the deployment of a single RF solution across the globe.

More data
The modern enterprise’s need for data continues to grow and the higher data-rates offered by XetaWave radios allow you to reliably capture and send more information back to where it is needed most.